Align Image to Bottom of Table Cell in IE with CSS

Sometimes you might set the table cell to “valign=bottom” to place an image at the bottom of a table cell but a space of 1 or 2 pixels is still appearing at the bottom in Internet Explorer. A quick way to fix that is to apply the CSS declaration “vertical-align: bottom;” to the image itself.

Get the Latitude and Longitude on a Google Map

The easiest way to get the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of a Google Map is go to directly to the desired map in your browser and then plug in the following into the address bar:


Voila! A JavaScript prompt should pop up with the coordinates.

Turn Off Windows XP Update Restart Notification

I cannot stand the mandatory restart notifications popping up every 5 minutes whenever I install the latest updates for Windows XP. I stumbled across a handy little piece of software called “Leave Me Alone” to temporarily fix the problem until I configure Windows to turn the notifications off forever.

Click here to get “Leave Me Alone”