GMail Manager Not Working – GMail Manager Firefox Add-On Plugin Stopped Working

Why is the Gmail Manager not working!!! The GMail Manager add-on for Firefox which I so heavily rely on has stopped working for the past week. Apparently the reason why it stopped working is because Google changed something on their end regarding authentication because several other Firefox plugins for Gmail stopped working recently as well. I have scoured the web for answers and have found several other people discussing the same problems, but nobody has any solutions! This is driving me nuts!

Fix Paging Navigation in WordPress under IIS

For the last few minutes, I have been trying to figure out why next_posts_link() did not work on a template for a clients’ blog, under IIS.

I found a great tip, but I prefer standard functions over things that work.

Then I found out under IIS, PHP returns a wrong value for $_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI”]. The link to the previous page was index.php/Index.php/page/2/. Notice there are two “index.php” (for Windows, index and Index are just the same.)

The real, working, clean and easy solution is to add a simple line of code in the clean_url() function in wp-includes/formatting.php:

$url = str_replace('index.php/Index.php','index.php',$url);

just put this at the beginning of the function before any “if Statements” only thing is you have to remember to do this again if you upgrade word press.

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