How to Copy Multiple File Names

How to Copy Multiple File Names – I’ve come across another essential tip for migrating hosts for one of our web design clients. I needed to copy and paste a list of hundreds of product image filenames in order to add the new path to the front of the URLs. Believe it or not, I found this solution on Yahoo! Answers –

1. launch cmd.exe
2. input ‘dir d:\my_folder >> c:\my_file.txt’
3. click ‘enter’
4. open c:\my_file.txt

I also found this software called Copy Filenames that does the same thing, but it costs $9.99 for commercial use.

Website Downloader – Copy an Entire Website with HTTrack Website Copier

Every so often you may need to download an entire website for whatever reason. One reason I needed to find a utility that copied entire websites was that we have a new web design client whose current design company will not provide us with FTP access to the existing site. This is quite annoying since there are a lot of product photos that we need to include on the new site. Luckily, there are tools out there that help us copy all of the publicly accessible website files. I came across HTTrack Website Copier and it seems to be doing the job. Check it out at

How Does Google Make Money?

In case you did not already know, Google makes almost all of its money (about 97%) from selling advertising space through Google AdWords on the top and sides of search results and Google-owned websites. The Google AdSense network only amounts to a small piece of the overall pie. In 2009, Google reported $24 Billion in gross revenue and net revenue of $18 Billion. That is a nice chunk of change. The website Silicon Alley Insider put the revenue data in a nice graph so it is easy to visualize.

Google Revenue Chart

I will soon follow up this post with an explanation of some of the questionable practices Google uses within their AdWords system in order to make their massive profits.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes Automatically

Does anybody know how to delete all duplicate versions of songs in iTunes automatically? There are a ton of VBScript solutions out there on the web but none of which have worked for me. The “Show Duplicates” feature inherent in Apple iTunes is convenient for identifying which songs are duplicates, but it does not provide an option to automatically delete multiple songs. I am not sure why the duplicates even got imported in the first place, but I need to get rid of them. Anybody have any suggestions? Is there a way to rebuild the library from scratch?

Twitter Adds NoFollow to Username Links and Hash Tags for Trending Topics

Looks like this is a new update. Twitter has added rel=”nofollow” to the @ username links. So are the #hashtags, which may have already been implemented before except I just noticed them today. So if you use a browser plugin which highlights or strikes through nofollow links, your web Twitter feed is now full of crossed out links. Not sure I really see the point of Twitter doing this for the usernames…

Nodar Kumaritashvili Crash Video – Georgia Luger Dies in Olympic Training

Nodar Kumaritashvili, an Olympic luger from Georgia, has just died while training in Vancouver hours before the opening ceremonies. This is absolutely insane. I found out via Twitter just minutes ago and it has yet to show up on ESPN, CNN or Drudge Report. I know this isn’t web development related at all, but the point I wanted to make was that traditional news outlets are no longer really relevant as far as breaking the big news stories.

UPDATE – The video is now available from CBS News and I have decided to post it below.

Caution – The video is very tragic and quite graphic.

Nodar Kumaritashvili Crash Video

How to Track Google AdWords Broad Match Keywords in Google Analytics

If you do a lot of work with Google AdWords and Google Analytics, you’ve probably already realized that Analytics does not accurately report traffic data for broad match keywords from AdWords. For example, let’s say I run a website that sells guitars and I bid on the following broad match keywords:

buy guitar
guitar for sale

I run the AdWords campaign for 30 days and get 1000 total clicks for those keywords. Google Analytics will show 1000 clicks for only those four keywords. However, since they are broad match keywords, the AdWords campaign likely generated clicks for other “similar” keyword phrases such as:

guitar picks
guitar tuning in richmond, va
free guitar lessons in arkport, new york

Google Analytics will only report traffic coming from the 4 broad match keywords that we bid on in the AdWords campaign.  So if we only sell guitars and don’t offer guitar lessons or guitar picks, we are wasting money on those clicks. There are several ways to get this data, such as by adding custom filters. However, those solutions only work if the traffic is being tracked as AdWords traffic. In some cases, the AdWords traffic will be counted as Organic traffic in Analytics and another solution must be used. You’re in luck because I will write about that in my next post. 🙂

ClickTale vs Crazy Egg

I am a huge fan of constantly testing the performance of webpages in order to improve conversion rates. ClickTale and Crazy Egg are two of my favorite analytical tools. Stumped on which one to try? Here I will break it down:


Pros – Actually records videos of user sessions. This is incredibly useful. It also provides great insights on contact forms.  Also offers a free trial, which Crazy Egg does not offer.
Cons – More expensive for paid plans.

Crazy Egg
Pros – Cheaper.
Cons – Does not record videos, but still provides valuable heat map data. Also, does not provide a free trial.

More in-depth analysis coming shortly!

Augmented Reality Video Conferencing

Does anybody know anything about Augmented Reality Video Conferencing? Does it even exist yet? Apparently it was hyped to be part of the Apple iPad, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I wonder if there is a future for this technology. Or if it will go the way of flying cars.

Edit – It looks like Augmented Reality Video Conferencing may actually pan out to be something! Check out this article from

Google Buzz – Google Launches GoogleBuzz Social Media Platform

Google just announced today that they are adding Social Media features to GMail in a service they call GoogleBuzz. I expect this to rival the usage of Facebook and Twitter, but we’ll see how and if it catches on, especially since Google Wave was not exactly the gamechanger as it was hyped up to be. I can tell that the domain name was registered in 2004, so maybe this is something that has been in the works for years now. Or maybe they just had the domain name and didn’t know what to do with it until now.

Stay tuned for some more details on Google Buzz right here!

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