How to Increase Size of TrueCrypt Volume

How to Increase Size of TrueCrypt Volume – I started looking around for some file encryption software to play around with for one of our clients, and TrueCrypt looks pretty promising. I’m still getting the hang of it but it looks sweet. Since the files I will be working with are pretty large, I ran into some issues regarding increasing the size of a TrueCrypt volume. Apparently, it is not possible to increase a TrueCrypt partition but rather you will need to create a new larger volume and move the contents to that volume. Not a huge problem, but can get tedious if you’re working with groups of huge files.

Websites That Stopped Supporting IE6

Here will be a list of websites that announced they are no longer supporting Internet Explorer 6. As a web developer, IE6 is a headache to deal with so it is nice to finally see some of the major websites taking the initiative to finally kill IE6 once and for all. The browser was released August 2001, meaning it is over 8 years old. What other software is that old and is still used by so many people?

Google – Announced it will stop supporting IE6 starting March 2010 for its websites including GMail and Google Docs.

YouTube – Starting March 13, 2010, YouTube will require users to upgrade to more modern browsers in order to view their videos.

Facebook – Facebook apparently stopped supporting IE6 last summer.

What are some other websites that stopped supporting IE6?