Grandma’s Boy Computer Desk Picture

I’m looking for a picture or screenshot of the computer desk chair set up that the nerd JP uses in the movie Grandma’s Boy because I’m writing a blog post for a client on awesome computer desk setups. And the computer set up in Grandma’s Boy is simply amazing and I may or may not want one for my own office. I searched Google and Google Images but can’t seem to find a picture anywhere. I can’t even find a video clip on YouTube to make my own screenshot! There’s no way that I could possibly be the only person in the entire world to look for a picture of this, so can somebody out there please send me one??? Or leave a URL in the comments below?

Google Places SEO Tips

I do a lot of SEO consulting for local businesses and as search engines are placing more and more importance on their respective local products and integrating them into the SERPs, it is critical to rank in the local listings, such as in Google Places. I attended an SEOmoz mozinar today about tips for ranking well in Google Places, and here is a list of some tips for optimizing and ranking well in Google Places:

1. Quantity of reviews more important than best reviews. When it comes to getting your business listed in the top results on Google Places, it is better to have 10 3-star reviews than 4 5-star reviews.

2. Optimize business names and titles. This means if your business name is called “New York Physical Training”, use that as your Google Places listing name rather than “NY PT, LLC”

3. Customize and complete every detail on your Google Places listing. For example, make sure to include your hours of operation, locations, phone numbers, etc.

4. Get Listed Everywhere! – The more places your site is listed for user reviews and ratings, the better. Here is a great link for places to get listed on –

5. Be Consistent – Make sure you use the same exact business name, mailing address, phone number, and category on every single site you get listed on. This not only helps eliminate confusion for users, but it helps Google Places determine that all of your listings are actually the same business.

6. Subtly encourage user reviews – And perhaps more importantly, make sure they are actual honest reviews from real customers. You will be found out for posting fake reviews on websites and the negative backlash will be severe!

7. Use your local phone number instead of a toll free 1-800 number. It’s fine if you have a 1-800 number, but for ranking in Google Places, use your local number because after all, you are trying to rank in the local listings.

Mystery Missile Launch California Video – Launched Off Coast Near Los Angeles

Mystery Missile Launch California Video – So have you heard about this story? Apparently a freaking missile was launched off the coast of California last night and nobody knows where it came from. The Pentagon said they have no idea where it came from, but they don’t appear to be too concerned by it. This would normally be extremely disturbing but it leads me to believe they DO know where it came from and they just don’t want to talk about it just yet. Either a top secret mission or an embarrassing mistake or failure. It’s obvious that it came from off the coast, so it was either launched by a military submarine or some guy just happens to have a big enough yacht to support his massive model rocket hobby. This isn’t just a tiny little missile, but clearly a huge rocket! Check out the video below:

Low Search Volume Keywords in Google AdWords

Google AdWords will not let you bid on specific keywords that they deem to have “low search volume” and it really pisses me off. I have a few clients that are in very specialized niche industries that are insanely profitable if they are found by the right customers. And the best way to find these customers is to bid on specific keyword phrases, such as a product model number. For example, let’s say a company makes specialized machinery for use in industrial mines. Some of these machines can go for literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, but since 99.9% of the general public knows nothing about such specialized machinery, they do not search for the highly targeted phrases the company is looking for. Even if the search is made 3 times in an entire month, those 3 searches are insanely valuable for the company if they come up as the only AdWords text ad. I’m willing to bet that companies would be willing to spend thousands of dollars PER CLICK if they were allowed to bid on extremely targeted keywords with low search volume.

So Google should get rid of the “low search volume” restriction and let companies bid on whatever keywords they want, no matter how many times they are searched. It makes sense for Google since they will make more money from their advertisers and it makes sense for advertisers because they will finally be able to target the keywords they want to bid on!

GMail Manager Mail Snippets Preview No Longer Working on Firefox

GMail Manager is my favorite Firefox add-on, but unfortunately it isn’t 100% compatible with the latest version of Firefox, which is currently 3.6. The snippets no longer appear when you hover over the account in the status bar. I checked the official GMail Manager add-on page on the Mozilla website and it appears that I am not the only one with this problem, and as of right now, the developer has not updated it. One user said that he created a fix called “gmanager-internero.xpi” available for download on his website, but I tried installing it and it only crashed my browser. Obviously, not the solution and hopefully not a virus! So, has anybody gotten GMail Manager snippets to show up on Firefox 3.6?

UPDATE – I have come across the solution! It is a hacked version since apparently the original developer has abandoned the project (which is a damn shame), but a developer named “Mook” has come to the rescue. Here is what you need to do in order to get mail snippets to work again in Firefox 3.6. YOU HAVE TO DO ALL THE STEPS, OTHERWISE YOUR BROWSER WILL CRASH!

1. Download and install Mook’s version of GMail Manager from this link –

2. Turn off Google Buzz for every account that you will be using GMail Manager for. You can turn off Google Buzz by scrolling all the way to the bottom of your inbox and click the link “Turn Buzz Off”.

3. Once you’ve done both of the steps listed above, you will have a working version of GMail Manager with fully working mail snippet previews!

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How to Automatically Turn Off Call Waiting on Cell Phones – Verizon

How to automatically turn off call waiting on cell phones – It is inevitable that whenever I am on a conference call for work during normal business hours on my Verizon cell phone, a friend or some random telemarketer will call me while I am on the call and I am constantly bombarded with the beeping notifications that somebody is on the other line. Oftentimes, I get distracted and can lose my train of thought if I am the person speaking or I will miss out on what other people are saying because I am interrupted by these annoying beeps. Is there some way to automatically turn off call waiting so that the second caller will be sent directly to voicemail? I don’t want to turn off call waiting altogether, because I still want to see that I missed a call after I hang up on the conference call. Otherwise, if the second caller doesn’t leave a message, then I’ll never know if they called in the first place!

I know you can temporarily turn off call waiting by dialing *70 before making a call, but what about the times when I didn’t make the initial call? I want the option to only field one phone call at a time and not have to worry about other people calling! So, does anybody have any suggestions? Are there any apps available that do this? Or would it be an option to create an Android or iPhone app that turn off call waiting? ANYONE??

Benefits of Google AdWords Certification Program?

Google has retired their old Google Advertising Professionals certification and replaced it with a Google AdWords Certification Program. Under the previous program, you paid 50 bucks to take an exam and if you passed with at least 75% questions answered correctly, you get to put a fancy official badge on your website and other promotional materials. I passed the exam earlier this year and did just that. I did it more for my own sake just in case any potential clients asked whether or not I had the certification.

Now, you have to take 2 exams at $50 each in order to qualify as a Google AdWords Certification professional. My previous certification was not set to expire for another 4 months, so essentially I paid $50 for 8 months for what I thought I was going to be able to use for 12 months.

So now I am faced with the dilemma of forking over $100 to qualify as a Google AdWords professional under the new program. And who knows how long Google will keep these requirements before they make you spend another $50 to pass another exam? There’s no doubt that I will pass the exams since I use AdWords on a daily basis, but I’m wondering whether or not it even makes any sense at all to be qualified. I have never gotten a new client because of my AdWords certification and I wasn’t all of a sudden able to jack my rates up for my existing PPC clients. So, can somebody please tell me what exactly the benefits are of paying Google to take tests just for a fancy badge?