Yahoo is Shutting Down Delicious, MyBlogLog and Other Sites

Yahoo is shutting down the popular social bookmarking website Delicious ( and the blog networking service MyBlogLog among other sites so they can focus on their core services, which is apparently display advertising. Yahoo has already abandoned their efforts in search and search advertising since now both the organic search results and the pay per click ads beside the SERPs are powered by Bing. They also shut down Geocities earlier this year, essentially wasting millions or billions of dollars in potential revenue since they simply shut it down and served up 404 errors.

I don’t understand why Yahoo and other companies buy popular websites only to neglect them and shut them down completely. I understand businesses need to cut their losses on unprofitable services, but I can’t be the only one who thinks paying millions of dollars for websites only to shut them down a couple years later makes absolutely zero sense at all. Why don’t they just sell them? Considering Delicious is still one of the top 300 websites in the entire world, they would be sure to find a buyer willing to pay at least SOMETHING. If they can’t find a buyer, at least redirect the old sites to relevant new sites to preserve the years of link equity and search engine rankings.

The only service Yahoo is good at anymore is Fantasy Sports. I’ve used ESPN, CBS Sportsline and for various fantasy leagues throughout the years and Yahoo is so much better than any of them. However, knowing Yahoo, they’ll neglect fantasy sports eventually and shut them down as well. Ugh.

Yahoo is dying. And my prediction is that Yahoo will either be completely out of business or acquired by another company within 2 years.

Facebook Photo Viewer Pop Up Window Sucks

It looks like Facebook updated their photo viewer interface. Now instead of easily navigating between photos in a seamless transition in the native Facebook interface, now there’s a stupid pop up shadow box modal window thing that is ugly, slow and way too cramped. What’s with the black background? The photo sizes have been resized so they are much smaller than before. I’m hoping it’s just a little buggy since it’s brand new, and I am hoping they will work out the kinks. Yeah, yeah, everyone hates any kind of change that Facebook does and then they get used to it and end up liking it more than before. However, this change is currently downright awful. Why mess with a good thing? from SalesForce – The Enterprise Database for the Cloud

Today SalesForce launched, which is going to be an enterprise level database that lives in the cloud. That means it does not matter what server platform such as Linux or Windows you are using or what programming language you are using such as PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Ruby, etc. to interact with the database. All of the database programming I have worked with before required me to pick a specific type of server such as a Linux box, which means I would be limited to only the databases that are available on Linux such as MySQL and most of the time meant I had to pick and stick with a specific programming language such as PHP. It’s not really an option to use ASP.NET with a Linux server and a MySQL database, so I have a feeling that is going to be HUGE. The interface is much slicker and prettier than something like phpMyAdmin. You can also manage all of your databases from one nice looking dashboard. And perhaps most importantly, promises to be fully scalable and elastic automatically so you don’t need to worry about exceeding a memory limit or maxing out the number of simultaneous connections causing your database and web application to crash and burn. Again, I think this is going to be freaking huge! Check out the video below: