Verizon iPhone 4 vs HTC Incredible vs HTC Thunderbolt – Why do I have to keep entering my password on my Verizon iPhone to install free apps?

Verizon iPhone 4 vs HTC Incredible vs HTC Thunderbolt – Why do I have to keep entering my password on my Verizon iPhone to install free apps? And other questions about the iPhone from an Android user.

After dropping my HTC Droid Incredible one too many times so that the screen was cracked badly that it was essentially rendered useless, I decided to finally switch over to iPhone. I always thought I had wanted an iPhone but since I was on Verizon, that was never an option until they just released it last month. So today I took my busted HTC Incredible to the Verizon store to pick up an iPhone. Even though I’ve had the iPhone for a couple hours, there are already a few things I don’t like about the iPhone and things I miss having in the HTC Incredible.

The thing that keeps bothering me enough to write this blog post on a Friday night is that each time I try to download a free app from the App Store, I am prompted to enter in my Apple ID password. The first time I let it slide, the second time it was annoying, and the third time, it’s just getting ridiculous. Especially since the password has to be at least one uppercase letter, one number and one lowercase letter. Which on a tiny touchscreen keyboard, it gets to be frustrating switching the keys over to uppercase or to numerical characters. What is the point of requiring the password? Especially since the apps are free? I *might* understand if it required them for paid apps to prevent children racking up outrageous fees on oblivious parents, but for free apps? This is going to be a dealbreaker if I have to keep typing in the password every freaking time.

There are a few other things I already don’t like about the Apple iPhone 4 that I like in the HTC Incredible:

1. No automatic rotating keyboard? – On the HTC Incredible, I turned the phone sideways and the keyboard automatically rotated and got bigger, which made it much easier to type. The iPhone keyboard apparently doesn’t rotate? Why not?

2. When you click on Install on an app in the app store, you are taken to the home screen for some unknown reason whereas apps are downloaded in the background on the Droid. What’s the point of leaving the App Store each time you want to install an app?

3. No Google Maps?

4. No ‘Back’ button – The HTC Incredible has a physical back button at the bottom of the phone. This is helpful navigating in so many different ways. The iPhone requires you to press the random buttons at the top of the screen, which look different and are located in different spots in different apps. I understand Apple’s whole mantra is simplicity by only offering one button at the bottom of the phone, but I’d much rather have buttons that actually are useful, and the Back button is one of them.

5. Camera button – Why doesn’t the iPhone camera app allow you to use the physical button to take a picture? It would be much easier to hold the phone in one hand and push the button with your thumb, but that’s not really an option since you have to click the icon on the touchscreen. Stupid.

6. Holding the button down long enough brings up a Voice Control screen? WTF?

7. I backed up my contacts from my Droid Incredible through Verizon’s Backup Assistance app. I downloaded the iPhone Verizon app to import my contacts. However, when I opened that app, I got a prompt saying that the app could not work with WiFi so I had to exit the app, manually turn off WiFi, and then open the app again. I’m not sure if this is just an iPhone issue or what, but why the hell can’t it work with WiFi and if it can’t, why can’t it request to use the 3G network automatically? I had no problems automatically switching between WiFi and 3G on my Incredible and never encountered any apps that required me to turn one of them off.

Again, I’ve only had the iPhone 4 for a little over 6 hours now so maybe it will grow on me over the weekend. Otherwise, I still have 14 days to decide whether I like it enough to keep it or return it for a refund. Hopefully the HTC Thunderbolt will be released within the next two weeks which will make my decision to return the phone a lot easier. Otherwise, I may just swap out the iPhone for another Incredible. This time, I’ll make sure to also buy the case.

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