AdWords Dynamic Sitelinks Extensions Suck

I manage several Google AdWords pay-per-click accounts for numerous clients and so most of my day-to-day tasks consists of a large part of analyzing the performance of the PPC campaigns. One particular new client I recently started working on their campaigns for, I noticed that oftentimes the landing page URLs (destination URLs) are not the landing pages I designated the ads to point to. I went through all of the Ad Extensions options within the AdWords dashboard and made sure that all of the Sitelink extensions for Account Level, Campaign Level and Ad Group Level were all configured correctly. But I was still seeing these random Site Links pop up in my Clicky analytics logs and I couldn’t figure it out.

I asked my client to confirm that they are not running any other AdWords campaigns that I am not aware of and they assured me that they aren’t. So basically the only explanation would be that Google is somehow automatically inserting these sitelinks to the bottom of ads. In fact, they started doing this back in July – Of course all of the so-called self-proclaimed AdWords experts and PPC blogs immediately started salivating at this amazing new feature and saying that every single person should definitely use the new AdWords dynamic sitelinks because they are sooo amazing.

Well, I am here to tell you that the Google AdWords Dynamic Sitelinks Extension is terrible and nothing but yet another money grab by Google. Google wants to take control over your advertising budgets and money by forcing these new site links on you without giving you any kind of real option or heads up and no reporting data on them. This is a big problem for me because I like to have as much control as I can over the AdWords campaigns and Google is putting up these BS sitelinks to my client’s mobile app when the ad is pointing to a very specific landing page for a very specific product and you wouldn’t realize it unless you had a third party analytics tool like Clicky.

I will write more but AdWords Dynamic Sitelinks Extensions Suck.


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