Keyword Elite 2.0 Review

I am getting inundated with emails, tweets, links all about the keyword research software Keyword Elite 2.0 which apparently launched today. While it may be a good product, obviously the hype is generated by affiliates trying to make money off selling the software, which should be no surprise to anybody who makes a living online.  I have never used the original version so I am a bit hesitant whose reviews to believe.

The feature that catches my eye is the “Google AdWords Time Machine”, which reveals data on which competitors are bidding on which keyword in the past 6 months. The premise is that if a competitor is bidding on a specific keyword for an extended period of time, then theoretically that keyword is making money for them and you should consider bidding on that keyword yourself.

I think I’ll wait a few days before thinking about purchasing Keyword Elite 2.0, unless somebody out there can convince me that I need to buy it sooner!