Alexa Toolbar Removal Tool – Uninstall Alexa Tool Bar

There is really no need for a specialized Alexa Toolbar Removal Tool. Just follow these instructions for removing the Alexa Toolbar from Internet Explorer if you are getting the errors “alexa user info tracking detected” from Symantec or McAfee. Luckily, all versions of the Alexa Toolbar come with an uninstall option. You either click on the down arrow by the Alexa logo and select Uninstall from the drop down menu. Or you can simply go to the Windows Start Menu and uninstall it via the Add/Remove Programs feature. That should take care of it.

Now that you have removed the Alexa Toolbar, now your best bet is to never install it again! Apparently some other software programs include it as part of their package so make sure to uncheck the Alexa option during the initial installation.