Angry Birds Walkthrough – Android Angry Birds Golden Eggs & Cheats

Angry Birds Walkthrough – The insanely popular iPhone game Angry Birds has finally made its way to the Android Marketplace. Apparently, it’s still only in Beta so you cannot buy the full version just yet. So I downloaded the free Beta last week on my HTC Droid Incredible and was instantly hooked. It took awhile to get the hang of it, but once I did, it was pretty easy and a lot of fun. Here are some Angry Birds tips & “cheats” –

1. You first start out with a regular Red bird that doesn’t have any special powers. You just use the slingshot to shoot them over to knock over the blocks and the pig looking monster things.

2. Once you make it past a few levels, you will gain access to a tiny blue bird that breaks up into three different blue birds once you tap the screen again. These are probably the most effective angry birds of all, at least in the first 10 levels of the free Beta.

3. Win a few more levels and then you’ll gain access to a yellow triangular looking bird that speeds up once you tap the screen a second time. These are best for busting through the metal beams and killing the pigs with helmets.

4. The last new bird you get to use is a bird that turns into a bomb once you tap the screen again. Obviously this is very powerful and comes in handy on the harder levels.

Well, that’s that. Hopefully the full version will hit the Android Market soon!