How to Automatically Turn Off Call Waiting on Cell Phones – Verizon

How to automatically turn off call waiting on cell phones – It is inevitable that whenever I am on a conference call for work during normal business hours on my Verizon cell phone, a friend or some random telemarketer will call me while I am on the call and I am constantly bombarded with the beeping notifications that somebody is on the other line. Oftentimes, I get distracted and can lose my train of thought if I am the person speaking or I will miss out on what other people are saying because I am interrupted by these annoying beeps. Is there some way to automatically turn off call waiting so that the second caller will be sent directly to voicemail? I don’t want to turn off call waiting altogether, because I still want to see that I missed a call after I hang up on the conference call. Otherwise, if the second caller doesn’t leave a message, then I’ll never know if they called in the first place!

I know you can temporarily turn off call waiting by dialing *70 before making a call, but what about the times when I didn’t make the initial call? I want the option to only field one phone call at a time and not have to worry about other people calling! So, does anybody have any suggestions? Are there any apps available that do this? Or would it be an option to create an Android or iPhone app that turn off call waiting? ANYONE??