ConstantContact vs. MailChimp

I was developing a new website for a client of mine and they wanted to implement a Newsletter Signup Form to the blog. They have already been using but they wanted to add additional fields to collect more information through their website instead of just the email address. Constant Contact does allow you to add as many options as you want to their “Sign Up Form” page, but they do not allow a way to collect any information other than the email address on your website. I chatted with the ConstantContact online support rep and while he was kind and understood what I was asking about, he told me that the email address was the only option currently available. I find this limitation appalling.

If you haven’t used ConstantContact before, here is what I mean:

What I Want: On my website, I want to add a custom built Newsletter Signup Form which hooks into ConstantContact. On this form, I will have fields for First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Email Address. Once all 4 fields are filled out and the user clicks submit, the information is processed by Constant Contact and the user is redirected to a confirmation page hosted on the CC server. The user should not have to re-enter any additional information unless I require it and they certainly should not have to re-enter the information they already filled out.

What ConstantContact Offers: ConstantContact only allows you to add a form to your website with a field for the Email Address. Once the user clicks submit, he is redirected to the CC “Signup Form” page where you can collect additional information if you’d like.

However, this option is not sufficient for my needs. I want to be able to qualify the user before they make the decision to sign up only to be surprised with another signup form which requires additional information.

Since I am stuck with this limitation, I am going to give a try. Their website and Client List looks a lot more appealing than ConstantContact’s.  Has anybody had any bad or good experiences with Constant Contact or Mail Chimp?