VOD_212 FIOS Error Message – Video on Demand Error 212 – FIOS Outage

VOD_212 FiOS Video On Demand Error Message is Driving Me Insane

I have Verizon FiOS for my internet and cable TV provider and for the most part, the service has been amazing. Comcast screwed me many times before in the past and I swore that I would never return to Comcast or XFinity. However, the past few months, I’ve had nothing but problems with FiOS, especially when trying to watch shows on demand. Oftentimes, I will try to watch a show that I pay to subscribe to or even a movie that I had purchased only to get an error message prompt saying that the video was not available at this time and to please try again later. Most recently, I have been getting the error message VOD_212 which does not provide any kind of insight whatsoever as to what the problem is or when the service will be restored. I tried Googling VOD_212 and FIOS VOD 212 error messages and it appears that I am far from the only person this is happening to. There are tons of threads and posts on the official Verizon FIOS forums from people all over the country experiencing the same problems. If you check out the official FiOS Facebook page, you will see tons of people complaining about outages of their services all throughout the country. I’ve also gotten the error message VOD_123 in which I have no idea what that means.

It appears that the VOD_212 error message occurs most frequently alongside a “planned outage” in which Verizon is updating the programs available on demand and during that time, on demand access is completely unavailable. The problem is that these so-called outages constantly happen right around midnight and last for several hours, as was the case last night when I tried to watch the AMC show The Killing. Instead, I was going insane trying to troubleshoot my Set Top Boxes and using the Verizon In-Home Agent to diagnose the issue so I could finally watch a show I wanted to watch. But apparently, there is no solution for how to use on demand whenever Verizon decides they want to block you from using it.

This is a big problem because I am paying over $200/month for TV, Internet and Phone service and we actually only watch TV a few hours a week, but when I do, I want to be able to watch shows of my choice anytime I choose. It is simply unacceptable for huge companies like Verizon FiOS to be able to provide lackluster service and even worse customer support but yet still can manage to charge hundreds of dollars a month without any repercussions. I am seriously considering contacting the Federal Trade Commission to see if the FTC can help resolve this VOD_212 mess once and for all.

Otherwise, I may actually switch back over to the other dark side, Comcast XFinity if Verizon FiOS does not fix these VOD 212 error messages!