PDF Access Denied Error When Trying to Upload PDF with FTP

Another annoying thing I seem to run into way too often is when I have a PDF open in Adobe Reader and I try to upload that same PDF with Dreamweaver’s FTP, but I can’t because I get an “Access Denied” error message. Simply because the PDF file is open on my computer. Does anybody know if this is strictly an Adobe issue? For both Adobe Reader and Dreamweaver? Or is it just an Adobe Reader issue and that I should try using a different PDF viewer?

Oh, and Dreamweaver FTP sucks!

Drag and Drop FTP Client – FTP Alert Prompt

I think every FTP client I have ever worked with utilizes a Drag and Drop feature to move files and directories throughout the site. I use Dreamweaver and Filezilla for 99% of my FTP sessions, and I’ve run into this issue with both clients. The problem is that on way too many occasions than I’d like to admit, I have accidentally dragged files to the wrong directory and ended up having no idea where the heck the files went. And on a handful of occasions, these inadvertent drags and drops completely break the functionality of the site. Yeah, yeah, I should be using versioning control but for most projects I work on, I am the only one who is working on it and they aren’t too terribly complex to warrant implementing an annoying version control client.

Anyways, what I would like to know is if Dreamweaver has an option to turn on an alert prompt to confirm that I meant to drag a certain file or folder somewhere… however, I don’t want it to alert me every single time it happens, only when I make a mistake. Somehow, I don’t think the technology to understand if a user made a mistake or meant to do what they told the computer to do is advanced enough or even really exists at all! 🙂

Dreamweaver FTP Sucks – Dreamweaver FTP Problems – Filezilla Plugin for Dreamweaver

Let it be said that I hate Dreamweaver’s FTP. Yes, Dreamweaver FTP SUCKS. The FTP client included with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, along with every other version of Dreamweaver that I’ve used, is so painfully slow and worthless. I’ve experienced way too many “Operation time out – canceling…” errors in a row for my own sanity. Sometimes it helps by ticking the Passive checkbox but that certainly does not completely the solve the problem, especially if you’re uploading a ton of files. If only there was a way to add a Filezilla plugin to Dreamweaver, then I would be happy. But of course that will never happen…


Dreamweaver Password Recovery

I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten the FTP password to a site in Dreamweaver and needed to decrypt it in order to figure out what it is, so luckily I found the site below to unveil the password for you: