FUPA – The Complete Guide to Fat Upper Pubic Area

Fupa – The Complete Guide to Fupafat upper pubic area

The term “Fupa” commonly refers to Fat Upper Pubic Area, which means the area of fat hanging over the stomach. Most of the time it happens to people that consume more calories than they are burning. Actually, being sedentary combined with eating too much is the biggest cause of people getting fat in general. How do you fix this?

Stop Eating So Much!

I’m sorry to say, but if you have FUPA, you are way too fat. Cut down on the calories. One “easy” way to lose weight fast is to cut out sugar and carbs all together. This is known as the Atkins diet or rather the Keto Diet. You will wake up weighing less and less every day, I promise. Plus you will have more energy, not being┬ádepressed, eliminate┬ástress, etc.


None of that cardio crap, you must really pump iron to shred the calories. That involves strength training with dumbbells and barbells. Bench press, squats, deadlift and overhead press is all you need to work on. In fact, joining a Crossfit gym teaches you all of those exercises.


This is the last resort. If you can’t get motivated enough to diet and exercise, then you will gain all the FUPA weight back on after surgery. Plus it’s expensive and only for lazy people.