Uploading report has failed because the file is unreadable in Joomla

I am trying to set up a dev server for one of my client’s sites which is hosted in Joomla. I am using AkeebaBackup to automate the transfer process but I keep getting the following error message “Uploading report has failed because the file is unreadable“. I tried Googling that phrase to see if other people have experienced the same problem but of course I can’t find anything related to Joomla.

Now I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. Is it related to file permissions on the live server or the new dev server? Ahhhhh… I’m clueless!

How to Stop Joomla from Stripping Object, Embed or Iframe HTML Code in Web Editor

How to Stop Joomla from Stripping Object, Embed or Iframe HTML Code in Web Editor

I spent about two hours today trying to re-add some Flash slideshows on a website that is using the Joomla 1.5.23 Content Management System. All I wanted to do was change the Title tag on this page, but when I clicked “Save”, the Flash slideshows disappeared. Turns out Joomla has a lot of ridiculous security measures that strip out certain HTML elements even when you make the changes within the HTML window of the default TinyMCE editor or even when selecting “No Editor”. The account I was using is an “Administrator” account, but turns out you have to have “Super Administrator” access to mess with any of the Parameters settings, which is just stupid.

I scoured the web and the official Joomla help forums for random solutions by changing all kinds of settings, disabling and enabling plugins, user permissions, etc. and tried them all without success, until I found this blog post which explains you need to actually edit the PHP file in “libraries\joomla\filter\filterinput.php” and remove your desired tags from the $tagBlacklist array. I would say take it a step further and remove the tags in the next array, such as codebase for SWF files.

Do me a favor everyone and never use Joomla as a Content Management System. You’ll thank me later.