Lead Tracking Spreadsheet for Tracking Online Leads

Lead Tracking Spreadsheet for Tracking Online Leads

Most of the websites I have developed over the years for my clients use contact forms to generate leads from the websites. And 99% of those contact forms simply sent an email to a specific email address and that was the end of the tracking pipeline. Some of my more savvy clients used a lead tracking spreadsheet to manage their leads, but even using a spreadsheet is quite a cumbersome and outdated process.

Instead of using a lead tracking spreadsheet for tracking online leads, I am working on a lead tracking and lead management database system for small businesses to easily manage their website inquiries without the need for blowing their budgets on a complicated CRM system or even more advanced tools like a marketing automation system. Most companies that do not already have a CRM most likely are not at the stage of needing a CRM just yet. Obviously, a full-featured CRM makes sense for large or fast-growing companies, but for the most part, a lot of small businesses just want a way to ensure their website contact forms are always working and a place to store these leads. That’s it.

A lead tracking spreadsheet is one way to track leads, but as I said above, spreadsheets most of the time are only accessible on a local computer for one specific user. So the system I am working on will consist of an online database that can be accessible from anywhere by anyone at anytime.

Custom Lead Tracking Software & Qualified Lead Management Systems for Small Businesses

Custom Lead Tracking Software & Qualified Lead Management Systems for Small Businesses – The majority of the websites that I build for clients are not ecommerce websites with online stores to sell actual products, but rather lead generation websites where the visitor fills out a contact form on the webpage and it’s up to the client to follow up with the lead to continue the sales process. This is certainly nothing new, but there still remains a huge disconnect in terms of managing and tracking the quality of their leads.

The obvious initial solution would be for the visitor to submit the lead through the contact form, the lead gets inserted into a lead management database or CRM system for the client to keep the lead organized and follow up with the lead and update the status of the lead as they continue with the sales process. And if a lead converts into a sale for the business, then you can mark that lead as being qualified and analyze how to get more leads just like them.

The problem is that a lot of companies, especially small businesses, do not have access to a CRM system for a variety of reasons. First off, a lot of companies don’t even realize they need a lead management database or CRM. It’s as simple as that. They will just set up a contact form that submits the lead via an email to the client to follow up with at their convenience and assume that a lead came from a new radio commercial they were trying, when it turns out the lead came from a banner ad they placed on another website at a fraction of the cost. Without this data, you are essentially flying blind. And that’s never a good thing. 😛

Second off, a lot of them are often very expensive, costing in upwards of a couple hundred dollars a month or more. This may not sound like a lot of money to a business, but it actually is a big deterrent for small businesses with limited budgets.

Third, a lot of popular CRM software platforms and lead management database systems are quite complicated and can be very confusing. While they may be very powerful and have lots of great features, oftentimes the small business owner does not have the time or manpower to fully learn and manage their CRM to even decide if they like it or not, in addition to finding time to actually run their business.

All that being said, I am actually working on a custom lead management database & lead tracking system to cater specifically to the users I wrote about above. So stay tuned for details or if you’re interested in being a Beta tester or want any additional information, leave a comment below or email me at d0xcom[AT SYMB0L]gmail{d0t}com!