Maria Belen Shapur Photo is Today’s Most Searched Keyword on Google Trends

This is just a quick followup to the post I just made about “maria belen shapur photo” being the most searched keyword on Google Trends. Here is the link to the Google Trends graph so you can see the explosive volume in the past 6 hours –

Maria Belen Shapur Photo – Pictures

I was looking at the hottest keywords on Google Trends and it looks like “Maria Belen Shapur Photo” has skyrocketed in searches today. Apparently, Maria Belen Shapur is South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s mistress from Argentina. I didn’t realize that so many people are dying to know what Maria Belen Shapur looks like, and from what I’ve found, there are no pictures available anywhere on the ‘Net! Which is a little strange considering she’s supposedly a professional and yet she has no presence on the web whatsoever. So either they do not have the Internet in Argentina OR this is a completely made up name to cover up the truth – that Mark Sanford did, in fact, escape to the Appalachian Trail for National Naked Hiking Day, after all.