Micro Niche Finder vs Google AdWords Keyword Tool

I just purchased and downloaded the popular keyword research software Micro Niche Finder and have been playing with it the past few days. It seems to help with automating a lot of the tasks I normally use when doing keyword research and competitive analysis, but I’m still not quite sold on the accuracy and thus usefulness of the tool. For example, consider the two screenshots below. One is the keyword data from Micro Niche Finder and one is from the Google AdWords keyword tool for the exact same [exact match] keywords:

Micro Niche Finder

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

As you can see, there are huge discrepancies in not only the volume of Global and Local searches, but even more troubling is the huge difference in the actual trend for Local Search Trends. What is the deal with the MASSIVE SPIKES in Micro Niche Finder’s data? This particular keyword is not any kind of hot seasonal item that would warrant that kind of crazy spike during a certain time period, so obviously something is amiss. Either Micro Niche Finder is completely worthless or they both are.  Without knowing which set of data to believe, I’m essentially not any better off now than I was before when I started doing the keyword research.