MODx Snippets – I do not see an “Add Snippet” tab when I log in

One of my clients’ sites was built in MODx version 1.0.2 or “Evolution” by their former web development company. Today the RSS feed parser which displays the latest blog entries from a WordPress blog on the rest of the pages of the site stopped working. The current RSS feed parser is called “FeedParser” and I can’t see why it would stop working. The WordPress RSS feed is completely valid. I have tried to use other MODx RSS feed parsers such as getFeed but it appears I have to be able to add the PHP code as a new “Snippet” in MODx. The problem is that when I log into the MODx dashboard, I don’t see an option to add a snippet or manage snippets. I can add “Chunks” but those don’t let you add PHP code. So it is my assumption that I will not be able to edit the previous snippet or add a brand new snippet until the user permissions/privileges are upgraded. Which requires my client to contact their previous web development company to get them to upgrade it for us.

My question is – is there a way to add an RSS feed parser to a MODx site without the use of snippets? The getResources snippet only works in versions 2.0 and above, so that’s not an option. Otherwise, I am screwed until the client gets in touch with the other company, which who knows how long will take. Meh.