Outlook 2010 Search Not Working and Cannot Rebuild Search Index

I’ve had Microsoft Outlook 2010 less than 2 weeks and I have encountered two major problems – the first being the Outlook 2010 Auto Reply Error and now the Search feature does not work anymore. Not just the Instant Search function, but any kind of search! It just sits there “Searching…” and never returns any results. I’ve tried changing all of the settings for Search through Outlook as well as through the Indexing Options through the Control Panel, but to no avail. I even tried deleting and rebuilding the index altogether but even that doesn’t work. I can’t even select a Location to modify for some reason. I’ve Googled for solutions and have come across several other people having similar problems, but most of them have fixed it by trying different solutions… none of which worked for me!

It’s really frustrating when I’m paying money to upgrade software in hopes of fixing the issues I ran into with the previous version, only to find that I’m running into even more problems with the newer version. It’s getting to the point where I may just abandon desktop software in favor of moving to using only open source and/or cloud-based apps.

Outlook 2010 Auto Reply Error – Rules in Error Cannot Reply to Message

I just upgraded from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010 to hopefully finally get the auto reply working so I can put an Out of Office reply. However, there’s still a “bug” that still hasn’t been fixed. I am still getting the Rules in Error prompt with Cannot reply to message notice and then it automatically turns off the Rule I created with the specific template. Of course the official “Automatic Reply” feature is only available for those that use Microsoft Exchange email accounts. Such a basic feature that does not work on the most heavily used email client.

And their lame answer doesn’t even fix the problem even if you follow the steps exactly –