PHP Contact Form Script Generator

I am thinking about creating a PHP contact form script generator since pretty much every single website I work on uses a contact form in one way or another. The majority of the time I simply just copy and paste the same basic contact form template over and over, but it gets messy when older versions of the form tend to break or get flooded with spam, so I constantly have to add spam validation measures to various websites.  Most of the free contact form scripts available on the web are extremely outdated and don’t use any kind of validation to prevent the spambots from flooding them with gibberish. Yes, I know there are a ton of “new” contact form scripts out there, but it just seems that none of them are exactly what I want. Some of them are just way too slow because they include way too many validation measures which ends up taking 10 seconds for the form to be processed, which of course is very bad website usability and negatively affects conversion rates.

So my PHP contact form script will be very lightweight and thus very fast. It will be simple to set up and customize. It will also have a nice design feature so it doesn’t look like a boring old form or just look plain ugly. It will automatically include some PHP code on the script processing side to filter out spam on the backend along with maybe some JavaScript and clever CSS code to prevent spam on the frontend. Oh, and there definitely will not be any kind of CAPTCHA or other “are you a human?” related question, that’s for sure! I cannot stand those!

Anyways, stay tuned as I work on building the “perfect” PHP Contact From Script Generator, which will probably take months before I forget about it altogether. 😛