Print Preview Problems with a Print.css file

Print preview problems : A number of our clients want to be able to print out their website exactly how it looks on the screen.  The problem is that most web browsers strip out any background colors and background images by default, so we need to “hack” the CSS to be able to display these images.  There are also a lot of other CSS issues that don’t easily transfer over to print so it’s important to keep print in mind while in the early developing stages.

I’m looking for a program or script that generates a PDF screenshot on the fly when the “Print Preview” button is pressed so that it will print out exactly what it looks like to the visitor on the screen, thus eliminating the need for a completely separate print.css file and worrying about whether or not the CSS will be preserved.  Yes, I know that the majority of users who wish to print a web page only want the content on the page with the rest of the graphical elements stripped out, but for the clients and users who want to print it out exactly how it looks on-screen, such a PDF-generating-on-the-fly script would be perfect.  I’m not sure if it exists out there or not but I’ll keep looking and keep you updated with what I find!