Stop Dreamweaver 8 From Creating _notes Folders and dwsync.xml File

Ever since I upgraded to Dreamweaver 8, I’ve been annoyed by the _notes folders that are automatically created in each directory of the site. Of course, they are hidden in the Dreamweaver file view but they are visible in Windows Explorer if you are not hiding hidden file types. I often find myself having to delete these folders whenever I package up website files to send to other developers or designers. This link below provides a solution so that Dreamweaver 8 never creates the _notes folders and dwsync.xml files in the first place.

“Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 creates an _notes folder, even when you have the preference turned off in the Design Notes category of the Site Definition dialog box. Dreamweaver also creates a dwsync.xml file inside the _notes folder. When you run Clean Up in the Design Notes category of the Site Definition, Dreamweaver does not delete the dwsync.xml file or the _notes folder. (Ref. 196185)

Dreamweaver 8 keeps file synchronization information in the dwsync.xml file which is located in the _notes folder. Although the dwsync.xml file resides in the _notes folder, it is not a Design Note. The Clean Up design notes command only cleans up MNO files.

If you don’t use Dreamweaver’s Synchronize feature, you can disable the “Maintain synchronization information” option from the Remote Info category of the advanced view of the Site Definition dialog box. This will delete all of the existing dwsync.xml files and stop the creation of future dwsync.xml files and _notes folders.

Note: Disabling the “Maintain Synchronize Information” option will prevent you from using Dreamweaver’s Synchronize functionality.”

Turn Off Windows XP Update Restart Notification

I cannot stand the mandatory restart notifications popping up every 5 minutes whenever I install the latest updates for Windows XP. I stumbled across a handy little piece of software called “Leave Me Alone” to temporarily fix the problem until I configure Windows to turn the notifications off forever.

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