Concerts That Will Sell Out – Which Singers, Bands and Venues Have the Most Sold Out Concerts

Concerts That Will Sell Out – Which Singers, Bands and Venues Have the Most Sold Out Concerts

Concerts and concert tickets are obviously a huge business for ticket outlets such as Ticketmaster, but there is also a lot of money to be made by small independent ticket brokers and scalpers who specialize in selling tickets to sold out shows at a higher price than face value. Ticket brokers and scalpers obviously make their money by either buying tickets at face value or somehow acquiring them for free or through some other means. Either way, ticket scalpers typically tend to get a bad reputation for trying to rip off customers by charging more than face value while ticket brokers basically do the same exact thing yet are not as frowned upon.

Personally I think both scalpers and ticket brokers have every right to sell their tickets for whatever price a customer is willing to pay for them. It’s the epitome of supply and demand, the fundamentals of basic economics. If a broker or scalper prices their tickets too high and can’t find a seller, then they are out of luck since they obviously will not be able to sell their tickets after an event or concert has occurred.

I don’t claim to know much at all about ticket brokers and scalpers operate their businesses, but it is definitely something I am very interested in learning more about. Over the past 6 months, I’ve bought tickets to popular concerts that I thought had a good chance to sell out and listed them on StubHub in attempts to make a buck. I’ve done it for about 5 concerts, and I’ve basically broken even. The first time I listed tickets to a sold out Bright Eyes concert, I was certainly not expecting to be able to sell them for as much as I did as quickly as I did. I thought to myself, wow this is the easiest money ever so I became overconfident and bought 8 tickets for a Ben Folds concert which I was sure was going to sell out. Turns out the concert did not sell out and I ended up losing money on those tickets, even when I quickly dropped the prices below face value on Stubhub in attempts to reclaim at least a portion of my money. I tried it for a couple more concerts and it’s definitely a roller coaster of emotions. The concerts I thought were definitely going to sell out and that there would be tons of people lining up to buy my tickets on Stubhub, were the ones that I wasn’t able to sell my tickets to, and the concerts I bought tickets for with the intention of actually using them myself but for whatever reason could not go to so I listed them for sale on Stubhub for the heck of it, ended up being the tickets I’d sell. Now that I’ve broken even, I’ve decided to pause my attempts at ticket brokering until I learned more about how to figure out exactly what to do.

Obviously, the big question for every ticket buyer is to determine which tickets and concerts are going to sell out and which tickets have the best chance of generating a profit in the ticket resale market. And that’s exactly the question I want the answers to! Does anybody have any suggestions for how ticket brokers can find out which are the best tickets to buy?

If there isn’t one already, there needs to be a website that lists the following:

– Entertainer’s name (singer, band, event, sports teams, etc.) or Concert Venue
– How often they sell out concerts
– How quickly they sell out concerts
– Average price of ticket at face value
– Average price of ticket at resale value

As of right now, I haven’t seen any kind of website or service that lists sold out concerts and which upcoming concerts tend to sell out. Somebody should get on this!