Superman Socks with Cape Worn by Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin the Third from Baylor

I am watching the Heisman Trophy award presentation and I love the Superman socks with cape that Baylor quarterback Robert Griggin III showed to everyone on stage. It’s the commercial break now but I have a feeling those Superman socks are going to propel RB3 to win the Heisman trophy as the best college football player in the country within the next few minutes. I imagine these socks are going to be the top selling items for Christmas this year, especially if Robert Griffin the Third wins the Heisman as predicted. I did a search for “Superman socks with cape” and didn’t come across many search results, so I figured I would try my luck here to see if anybody happens to stumble across this blog post and can point me in the direction on where to buy these socks. I really want them for myself and for my nephews because they are going to be a big hit. I mean, c’mon, those socks are awesome by themselves but the cape is absolutely incredible!