Treadmill Desk vs. Exercise Bike Desk

I am trying to decide between buying or building a treadmill desk or an exercise bike desk. Since I work from my home office, I don’t have the benefit of actually walking around much at all and thus don’t burn as many calories as I would actually having to walk to my car and walk to and from the office, which is something that most people probably take for granted. So if I’m not careful, I could easily put on a lot of weight even if I eat the exact same thing I always do and even if I do the exact same amount of exercise as I always do, simply because I don’t actually walk much further than my bedroom downstairs to my home office, the kitchen for lunch, and occasionally the bathroom which happens to be right next to my office, during a typical weekday.

So, I got the crazy idea to look into getting one of those sit down exercise bikes that have the computer monitors in front of them, like you find at the gym. That would be ideal because I would be sitting back in a comfortable position in which I could easily do hours worth of work while burning calories at the same time. The ones I found online were crazy expensive, but I saw some related products, such as the portable “bike” from Brookstone that you put under your desk, which looks like a piece of junk. Not to mention it requires a comfortable chair to use since I don’t find myself using my actual desk chair when I’m pedaling furiously. There are also exercise bike desks that have the regular stand up bike but I can’t imagine that would be too comfortable for a long period of time.

So, then I came across treadmill desks or “walking desks.” I didn’t realize how many people have had the same idea and there’s actually kind of a big market for these things. Some of them are thousands of dollars, which I’m not really looking for since I already own a treadmill, which I do use on a regular basis, just not when I’m actually working on the computer. I also came across several homemade treadmill desks that look intriguing so I may have to try those out. I just think I would only use it for an hour or so a day, mostly because I would be tired from standing up that long, haha. So we’ll see, I think I do need to do something though…

So, does anybody have any experience with treadmill desks or exercise bike desks? Or any other kind of office exercise tips to help keep me from gaining 20 pounds of disgusting flab? 🙂