How to Copy Multiple File Names

How to Copy Multiple File Names – I’ve come across another essential tip for migrating hosts for one of our web design clients. I needed to copy and paste a list of hundreds of product image filenames in order to add the new path to the front of the URLs. Believe it or not, I found this solution on Yahoo! Answers –

1. launch cmd.exe
2. input ‘dir d:\my_folder >> c:\my_file.txt’
3. click ‘enter’
4. open c:\my_file.txt

I also found this software called Copy Filenames that does the same thing, but it costs $9.99 for commercial use.

Website Downloader – Copy an Entire Website with HTTrack Website Copier

Every so often you may need to download an entire website for whatever reason. One reason I needed to find a utility that copied entire websites was that we have a new web design client whose current design company will not provide us with FTP access to the existing site. This is quite annoying since there are a lot of product photos that we need to include on the new site. Luckily, there are tools out there that help us copy all of the publicly accessible website files. I came across HTTrack Website Copier and it seems to be doing the job. Check it out at

Turn Off Windows XP Update Restart Notification

I cannot stand the mandatory restart notifications popping up every 5 minutes whenever I install the latest updates for Windows XP. I stumbled across a handy little piece of software called “Leave Me Alone” to temporarily fix the problem until I configure Windows to turn the notifications off forever.

Click here to get “Leave Me Alone”