Verizon FIOS VOD_268 On Demand Error Message – 2013 FIOS On Demand Problems

Has anyone else had any problems trying to access On Demand on Verizon FioS? Every time I try to watch a show or movie, whether it’s free or I have to pay for it, it seems like I keep getting the same stupid error message code VOD_268 saying the content is unavailable! This especially happens more often during the late night hours, which is when I prefer to watch television and order movies or shows on demand.

So around midnight Eastern Standard time, it’s like I can never order a movie or TV show due to the VOD_268 error message. This even happens when I try to purchase a movie! I’m glad that is the case because I would be livid if only the “free” content was not available. But at the same time, Verizon FIOS is certainly losing money here by not allowing me to pay them money for a movie.

Perhaps it’s just my account? Or is anyone else having problems accessing their Verizon FIOS On Demand movies and TV shows due to VOD_268 or any other error codes?

VOD_140 Error FioS On Demand

Surprise, surprise, I’m having more problems with Verizon FioS. The latest error message I am getting is VOD_140 which says the issue is “temporary” and I’m unable to access that show or movie I want to watch On Demand. I’ve gotten so used to these kind of error messages that I just wait until the next day to watch the program. However, this time, I keep trying to watch Kalifornia on Cinemax On Demand and still can’t access it. I tried Thursday night, last night and now this morning. I am currently on hold with Verizon technical support but who knows how long that will take and I bet they won’t be able to fix it. So frustrating!!

Anybody else have any problems with Verizon FIOS on demand or more specifically VOD_140 error message?