Cannot Use Adobe Reader to View PDF in Your Web Browser – Firefox Windows 7

Cannot Use Adobe Reader to View PDF in Your Web Browser. Reader Will Now Exit. Please Exit Your Browser and Try Again. Does anybody else get this pesky error message when trying to view a PDF in Firefox? I have no idea what is causing it but it has only happened recently… and the only changes I’ve done is upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and upgraded the latest version of Firefox. HELP!

Windows 7 Indexing Status Widget

So I just realized that the Search and Indexing problems I am having with Outlook 2010 are actually happening because the Indexing Service for Windows 7 just doesn’t work at all. I probably turned it off in the first place because it was causing my computer to run very slowly, but now for some reason there is no way for me to turn it back on. I press the button to turn it on but I don’t think anything is actually being indexed. I searched for a Windows Indexing Status widget or plugin but only came across one for Microsoft Vista. Does anybody know how to check the status of Windows 7 Indexing?

Edit – Actually the Windows Vista Indexing Status Gadget works for Windows 7 as well, but it runs into the same problem in that I cannot get Windows 7 to run its indexing service! Ahhhhhh! Here’s the link to the gadget if you’re interested –

“Consider Replacing Your Battery” – Windows 7 on HP Laptop

Last night I finally upgraded from Microsoft Vista to Windows 7 and it took 6 hours for the installation to finish. And now I am getting an error message “Consider Replacing Your Battery” even though it is plugged into the outlet and is charged 100%. The window also says “There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly.” I’ve never had a problem with the battery during the past 18 months when I’ve been running Vista and now all of a sudden there is a problem with the battery. And it’s not just a fluke message bug because if I unplug it from the outlet, the computer shuts down after about 20 minutes. And apparently I am not the only one who has experienced this problem. There are multiple Windows 7 forums with several different threads about the problem. Apparently the only way to remove the warning is to actually replace the battery!