Yahoo Domain Name Registration & Yahoo Web Hosting Plans

The first domain name I ever bought was through Yahoo’s Domain Name registrar and the first web host I ever used was through Yahoo’s Web Hosting services. I initially bought the domain name back in 2002 after the website I built on the free webhosting site Angelfire (or it could have been Geocities or Tripod?) kept going down whenever I had more than what seemed like 10 visitors on the site at one time. I believe the domain name cost was similar to what it is nowadays, around 7-10 bucks for the year.

But the most expensive part by far was the webhosting plan on Yahoo. I think it was something around 10 bucks a month for 25 MB of bandwidth a month. And here’s the kicker – they charged like 10 bucks for every 100 megabytes of bandwidth you went over! So after my website started to get featured on big college entertainment related websites, I oftentimes found myself with webhosting bills for a couple hundred bucks a month, which is a shload of money for a college freshman! So as time went on, bandwidth became cheaper and cheaper and now if I had the same website and same amount of traffic today, I probably would have been able to host my website for less than $10 total!

Anyways, just felt like writing this because I’ve dealt a lot with different websites and web hosting companies over the years and was just thinking about how expensive bandwidth used to be and tried to remember exactly who my first web host actually was.