Drag and Drop FTP Client – FTP Alert Prompt

I think every FTP client I have ever worked with utilizes a Drag and Drop feature to move files and directories throughout the site. I use Dreamweaver and Filezilla for 99% of my FTP sessions, and I’ve run into this issue with both clients. The problem is that on way too many occasions than I’d like to admit, I have accidentally dragged files to the wrong directory and ended up having no idea where the heck the files went. And on a handful of occasions, these inadvertent drags and drops completely break the functionality of the site. Yeah, yeah, I should be using versioning control but for most projects I work on, I am the only one who is working on it and they aren’t too terribly complex to warrant implementing an annoying version control client.

Anyways, what I would like to know is if Dreamweaver has an option to turn on an alert prompt to confirm that I meant to drag a certain file or folder somewhere… however, I don’t want it to alert me every single time it happens, only when I make a mistake. Somehow, I don’t think the technology to understand if a user made a mistake or meant to do what they told the computer to do is advanced enough or even really exists at all! 🙂


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