Google’s WebP Image Format to Kill JPEG?

Google has announced today the WebP image format that they hope to kill the JPEG file format on the web. The WebP file format is lossy, just like JPEGs, but up to 40% smaller than a comparable JPEG image. And since images make up 65% of the web, a decrease of 40% for that 65% is significant, and will make the overall web that much faster, which is obviously something Google wants to help make happen. Like Google’s proprietary open source WebM video format that they hope will become the standard video format with HTML5, I strongly believe WebP will eventually make the JPEG obsolete.

This article on Mashable brought this up to my attention and asks the question whether Google will have enough clout to make it happen. Just as Google will be sure to convert all YouTube videos to WebM, you can be sure that they will push to make WebP the standard on their own properties such as Picasa, even if it isn’t as popular as Yahoo’s Flickr. Yet!


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