Google’s Customer Service Sucks

Google‘s customer service sucks so much. Apparently they can ban any website or domain name from their search engine index and they never have to tell you why. Simply because there is actually no possible way to contact a human that works at Google who can give you an answer. All of the Google “customer service” websites and FAQs point to asking questions in the Google Webmaster Help Forum where other helpless non-Google employees try to help each other out even though nobody actually has the real answer. There is no customer support phone number that you can call or Live Chat services or ticket system or even just an email address that a real human actually uses.

Yes, I know that Google is a huge company and they would need to hire thousands of customer support staff to handle all of the questions. Well, newsflash, the majority of other huge companies offer customer support so why should Google be any different? They literally make billions of dollars and can easily afford a call center. I don’t care if it takes 2 months for a real person to actually respond, as long as it’s a real person that doesn’t give me a vague non-automated answer. Ugh, so fucking frustrating!



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  1. René on December 21st, 2010 2:42 pm

    I totally agree, with the service.. umm i mean the none existing service, i got my e-mail account hacked and all i get is random generated trash mail from google support center.. and it dosnt work, i can’t use it for any thing maybe print it out and wipe my ass in it.

    seriously, there should be an e-mail to contact them with, i got every thing on my g-mail account because i have an android based phone it seemed like a great way to keep it all together, but now it seems like google just screwed me over, the only reason i got an android based phone was because of this system and it apparently dosnt work and its apparently really easy to hack, i aint got any spamware, malware, trojans or keyloggers on my computer i checked and i always logon on my own hardware. so theres some thing wrong some where, even their phone calling service for restoring the password dosnt work.

    any way main point is GOOGLE get some human based service!, that actually can help with problems and not fill your alternativ email with junk.

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