Husqvarna 223L Weed Trimmer Troubleshooting

Husqvarna 223L Weed Trimmer Troubleshooting

After years of buying the cheapest yardwork tools only to end up in frustration, I finally bucked up enough dough to finally buy a Husqvarna 223L weed trimmer and other some nice equipment. I had two cheap electric Black and Decker lawnmowers which were absolute garbage, especially when it comes to my yard since I must have twenty different kinds of grass and weeds in my home in the woods, not to mention all of the trees and different levels of yard I have to deal with. So while a gas riding lawn mower would be nice in a normal situation, it certainly would not make sense in my yard. After getting sick and tired with my second crappy electric lawn mower, I threw it down in frustration and headed to Lowes that same day to buy a nice high powered gas lawnmower and I couldn’t be happier.

I just did the same after dealing with two cheap, heavy and ineffective weed trimmers or weed wackers. I did my research online and decided on the gas powered Husqvarna 223L String Weed Trimmer since it had amazing reviews and looked like exactly what I was looking for. The downside is that all of the local hardware stores either didn’t have it in stock or just don’t carry any Husqvarna models at all. So I had to order it online and wait for four days while my weeds kept overgrowing to record highs.

I finally got the Husqvarna 223L delivered and my first impression is wow, this thing is huge. But surprisingly, it was relatively lightweight especially compared to my two previous electric weed eaters which were half the size of this thing.  It was a cinch to get started with since it was mostly put together right out of the box. After mixing 50 parts gasoline with 1 part oil, I was ready to power it up and get to work. However, it was not as easy as expected.

Here’s what I had to do, per the instructions:

1. Fill up the primer bulb with fuel.

2. Turn the blue engine choke switch down.

3. Pull the starting line to start the engine.

4. Once the engine was started, push the blue engine choke switch back up.

That’s supposedly it. However, it took me forever to finally get it started the first time. Then once it got started, as soon as I switched the blue switch back up, it cut off. After what seemed like an hour, I finally got it to work and was weedwacking away for a few minutes before I turned it off to get my gloves. Then when I came back, the engine would never kick on. I googled “husqvarna 223l troubleshooting” and kept getting the official Husqvarna website and the same instruction manual that came in the box. I also came across some professional lawncare forums but none of them really addressed the problem I was having.

After an hour of letting it cool down, I went back out and tried again. This time it worked and I was able to weedwack for 5 minutes. Then all of a sudden the head stopped spinning. The motor was still on but I could not get the head to spin and thus I could not weed wack. Ugh. This is so frustrating.

As of right now, I have no idea why it won’t spin and have no ideas what to do. Anybody else have any suggestions or tips for solving my Husqvarna 223L weed trimmer troubleshooting problems?


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  1. r hood on June 26th, 2012 9:27 am

    I would check the cable that goes from motor, down the shaft to the head. It could be that it worked loose in shipping or didn’t get put in right at factory. I don’t know how much you had to assemble out of the box. But the cable is really about the only thing it could be.or the ends it goes into of course.

  2. Beth on April 27th, 2013 3:38 pm

    I just bought the Husqvarna 223L today from Lowes Home and experienced the same problem. Everything was exactly as you stated in your quest for answers. The only difference is when the head stopped spinning the line blew out and wrapped around the shaft. The blue and black parts of the trimmer head appear to be stuck together now and won’t come apart to restring. Expensive piece of junk! I’m taking it back.

  3. Jeff on May 30th, 2013 3:26 pm

    Just fired up my Husqvarna today that I paid over $400 for because I was tired of having to buy one every other year and wah lah it worked for maybe 20 minutes before the head stopped spinning. Good ole quality products do not exist any more. It used to be that at least you got you paid for, but that is not the case any more. It is incredibly aggravating!

  4. Steve on June 24th, 2014 6:09 pm

    My 223L ran good for about 6 times. now it won’t pop.
    I even went as far as sending in for a new magneto and it has spark, gave it starting fluid and i still don’t even get it to pop.I fix all my other motors i have but this one has me stumped> What is the correct gap for the Magneto and the flywheel? Noone seems to have an answer for me. I am losing it i tell ya over this motor.

  5. John on July 11th, 2016 10:21 pm

    I bought a 223L from lowes a few years ago and had the same issue with the head not spinning, I moved and haven’t needed to use it for anything but now I need it again, I took the shaft assembly apart and the drive shaft flex has a white plastic triangular piece around it, mine was all kinds of twisted and messed up which I would guess caused it to stop spinning. Equipment purchased from lowes and home depot is made with cheaper parts then from a local husqvarna or say John Deere dealership it’s the same company just different parts for a different store, and then lowes and home depot rarely carry replacement parts causing you to have to buy a new weed wacker.

  6. tim smearman on September 8th, 2016 1:46 pm

    my Husqvarna has no power and sounds like i’am getting a lot of air,do I need to clean the air filter.

  7. Matt on December 5th, 2016 10:13 am

    For the correct gap use business card. As for the problems with the head not turning it could be the inside shaft or the clutch drum I would check the inside shaft first.

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