Low Search Volume Keywords in Google AdWords

Google AdWords will not let you bid on specific keywords that they deem to have “low search volume” and it really pisses me off. I have a few clients that are in very specialized niche industries that are insanely profitable if they are found by the right customers. And the best way to find these customers is to bid on specific keyword phrases, such as a product model number. For example, let’s say a company makes specialized machinery for use in industrial mines. Some of these machines can go for literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, but since 99.9% of the general public knows nothing about such specialized machinery, they do not search for the highly targeted phrases the company is looking for. Even if the search is made 3 times in an entire month, those 3 searches are insanely valuable for the company if they come up as the only AdWords text ad. I’m willing to bet that companies would be willing to spend thousands of dollars PER CLICK if they were allowed to bid on extremely targeted keywords with low search volume.

So Google should get rid of the “low search volume” restriction and let companies bid on whatever keywords they want, no matter how many times they are searched. It makes sense for Google since they will make more money from their advertisers and it makes sense for advertisers because they will finally be able to target the keywords they want to bid on!


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  1. Raheel on January 17th, 2011 2:36 am

    Yes this I agree as Low search volume keywords are the valuable and profitable items and should be allow and trigger the ads.

    I think a new keyword match type should be allow and thats Value Added Keyword Match type.

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