(Not Provided) Now Showing Up in Google Analytics Organic Keyword Reports

As I posted on Tuesday, Google decided to stop providing organic keyword data for webmasters to track in Google Analytics or any other analytics tools for that matter only to replace the keyword phrases with “(not provided)”, which of course is simply asinine. They claim that since it will only happen for users logged into Google accounts, that the new changes will only impact a “single % of searches” so basically stop whining about it. And since the changes were apparently pushed live yesterday, I have noticed the “(not provided)” queries slowly creeping up in the Google Analytics keyword report. For one client who gets 500+ organic visits a day, it is already the SECOND MOST POPULAR KEYWORD PHRASE behind the company name!

This is all just so frustrating. What benefit is there to anybody BESIDES Google to hide this keyword data or perhaps more importantly, what’s the harm in providing more and more data? More data = good. Less data = bad. This is not only infuriating for me but this assbackwards move is going to severely impact huge analytics firms like Omniture along with their huge corporate clients who are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to get as much data as possible in order to make necessary decisions to constantly improve the user experiences on their sites.

I honestly think that this is one move that Google will eventually back down from after getting pressured from pretty much everybody who runs a website and of course the other huge analytics firms… and as I said earlier, this could be seen as anti-competitive behavior that could entice the government to step in and force them to revert back. At least, I really really hope so.



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  1. Keith on October 21st, 2011 12:53 pm

    You think Google will back down from this one? I hope they will but don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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