Printer Offline – How to Get Printer Online

Printers are the most frustrating machines of all-time. They never work as expected and each one has its own BS settings which must be configured. I am trying to print a document to the HP Color LaserJet CP1510 via wireless, but of course my laptop has it configured as “Printer Offline”. I Googled “printer offline” and came across thousands of results. The first page from the official Microsoft site suggested to right click the printer and set it to “online.” However, that is not even an option for me. Then Microsoft said to simply update the printer driver. Which I already have the most recent driver, so that’s of no help. However, one of the commenters suggested trying –

I fixed this for some networked printers by turning off SNMP under Ports>Port Configuration in Printer Properties.

Voila! My printer is now considered “online” so that worked like a charm. However, now I am seeing “Error – Printing” as my status, even for the test page. So W. T.F. Now I have to rely on Windows Troubleshooting to figure it out. Otherwise, I’m about to go all Office Space on this POS printer!


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