Timesheet Calculator – Time Sheet Calculators

Part of my job as a web designer/web developer is keeping track of my hours to provide to the client so we can bill them accordingly. We usually bill by 0.25 hour increments aka 15 minutes. Well, considering it’s extremely rare that every single task will take exactly an amount of time that can be perfectly broken up in 15 minute increments, we have to add up all of the time using a timesheet calculator.

We have a custom built time sheet calculator that we use on our projects. Basically, you plug in all of the hours and minutes, let’s say 54 minutes, 27 minutes, 3 minutes, 46 minutes which comes to a total of 130 minutes. Well you could probably already tell that it’s a little over two hours, but instead of having to manually divide the 130 minutes by 60 minutes to get the number of hours, our timesheet calculator already takes care of this. I can see that in this example it comes to 2.166 hours, which we would round up to 2.25  hour for billing purposes.

It all evens out over time, sometimes we round down, sometimes we round up. There are a ton of time sheet calculators out there but let me know if anybody wants to check out my custom made one since it’s very easy to use without the need for any extra bells and whistles.


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