VOD_140 Error FioS On Demand

Surprise, surprise, I’m having more problems with Verizon FioS. The latest error message I am getting is VOD_140 which says the issue is “temporary” and I’m unable to access that show or movie I want to watch On Demand. I’ve gotten so used to these kind of error messages that I just wait until the next day to watch the program. However, this time, I keep trying to watch Kalifornia on Cinemax On Demand and still can’t access it. I tried Thursday night, last night and now this morning. I am currently on hold with Verizon technical support but who knows how long that will take and I bet they won’t be able to fix it. So frustrating!!

Anybody else have any problems with Verizon FIOS on demand or more specifically VOD_140 error message?


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